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Lacrimation (Watery Eye)
Laryngeal Voice (Hoarseness)
Leg (Restless Leg Syndrome)
Leg Cramps (Muscle Cramps)
(Male - Female)
Leg Swelling
Leg, Restless (Restless Leg Syndrome)
Lightening of Skin (Depigmentation of Skin)
Lightheadedness (Fainting)
Loose Stool (Diarrhea)
Loss of Appetite
Loss Of Control Of Urine (Incontinence, Urine) 
(Male - Female)
Loss of Hair (Hair Loss) 
(Male - Female)
Loss of Hearing (Hearing Loss)
Loss of Skin Pigment (Depigmentation of Skin)
Loss of Weight (Weight Loss)
Low Red Blood Cell Count (Anemia)
Lower (Low) Back Pain (Back Pain)
Lump In Breast (Breast Lumps)
Lymphadenopathy (Swollen Glands)

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