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   Anal Bleeding
The passage of blood in the feces.
Medical terms related to anal bleeding :
Hematochezia, Blood In Stool, Stool, Bloody Stool, Rectal Bleeding
Common causes of anal bleeding: 
o Anal Fissure
o Hemorrhoids (called also piles)
o Peptic Ulcer
o Colon Polyps
o arterio-venous malformations
o Angiodysplasia
Inflammation or infection of a diverticulum of the colon that is marked by abdominal pain or tenderness often accompanied by fever, chills, and cramping.

Other Causes of anal bleeding:
o Colon Cancer
o ulcerative colitis
o ischemic bowel
o radiation injury to the bowel
o Meckel's diverticulum
o Stomach Cancer
o Aorto-enteric fistula
o Esophageal Varices
o intestinal volvulus (twisted bowel)
o Clotting deficiency
Crohn's Disease:
Chronic inflammation of the distal portion of the ileum, often spreads to the colon, and is characterized by diarrhea, cramping, loss of appetite and weight with local abscesses and scarring ;called also regional enteritis, regional ileitis.


Call 911 or go to the hospital if anal bleeding is accompanied by: 
o Large amounts of blood
o Lightheadedness
o Weakness
o Rapid heart rate (more than 100 beats a minute)

Call your doctor if anal bleeding is accompanied by: 
o Weight loss
o Narrow stools
o Change in bowel habits
Diagnostic tests that may be performed include: 
o CBC, Clotting Tests (Pt, Ptt, Inr), Platelet Count
o Abdominal X-ray
o Abdominal Ct Scan
o Colonoscopy
o Sigmoidoscopy
o Small Bowel Enteroscopy
o Bleeding Scan (Tagged Red Blood Cell Scan)
o Angiography
o Abdominal Mri Scan
o Capsule Endoscopy (Camera Pill That Is Swallowed To See The Small Intestine)

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