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   Blood in Semen
Blood in the semen may be undetectable (microscopic) or visible in the ejaculation fluid.
Medical terms related to bloody semen :
Blood in Ejaculate, Ejaculate Blood, Hematospermia, Semen, Blood

Common causes of bloody semen: 
o High Blood Pressure
o Prostate Cancer
o Prostatitis
o Prostate biopsy
o Prostate varices (abnormally dilated and lengthened veins, widened veins)
o Urethritis

Other Causes of bloody semen:
o Trauma
o Tuberculosis
o Schistosomiasis
o Echinococcus
o Cysts of the seminal vesicle or prostate
o Cancer of the seminal vesicle (rare)
o Prostate stones
o Prostate telangiectasia (widened capillaries)
o Cyst of urethra
o Bleeding disorders


Diagnostic tests that may be performed include: 
o Triple-void urine specimens are collected for urinalysis and urine culture
o Semen analysis
o Semen culture
o Ultrasound of pelvis and scrotum

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