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   Breast Pain
Pain or discomfort in the breast
Medical terms related to breast pain :
Mastalgia, Mastodynia, Breast tenderness
Common causes of breast pain: 
o Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
o Menstruation
o Pregnancy (More common during the first trimester)
o Puberty (in both girls and boys)
o Breast feeding
o Plugged Milk Duct
o Pregnancy
o Approach of menopause
o Blocked and infected milk duct
o Benign Breast Tumors
o Cyclic Breast Discomfort
o Fibrocystic Breast Condition
o Breast Infection (abscess and mastitis)
Digitalis preparations, aldomet, aldactone and other potassium-sparing diuretics, anadrol, and chlorpromazine.

Other Causes of breast pain:
o Malignant Breast Tumors
o Alcoholism with liver damage
o Thrombophlebitis of the breast veins (Mondor disease)
o Trauma


Call your doctor if breast pain is accompanied by: 
o Discharge from nipples, especially blood or pus
o Swollen or hard breast after delivery
o Localized redness, pus, or fever
o Lump associated with the pain that does not go away after your menstrual period
o Persistent, unexplained breast pain

Diagnostic tests that may be performed include: 
o Breast biopsy
o Culture of nipple discharge to test for infection
o Cytology (microscopic evaluation) of nipple discharge
o Mammography
Fine needle aspiration:
Asmall needle is inserted into the breast to remove fluid that may have collected in a cyst.

Prevention and self-care: 
Perform a monthly breast self-exam 3-5 days after your period (when the breast tissue is the least tender).
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