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The condition of being dizzy. Sensation of unsteadiness accompanied by a feeling of movement within the head.
Medical terms related to dizziness :
Balance, Dizzy, Equilibrium, Lack of balance, Loss Of Balance, Unsteadiness, Vertigo, Woozy,
Common causes of dizziness: 
o Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (cupulolithiasis)
o Anemia
o Deafness, Hearing Loss
o Fainting
o Meniere Disease
o Labyrinthitis
o Migraine Headache
o Motion Sickness
o Postural hypotension
o Otitis Media
o Cardiac Arrhythmias
o Virus Infections of Inner Ear

Other Causes of dizziness:
o Stroke
o Brain Tumor (Cancer)
o Acoustic neuromas and other cerebellopontine angle (CPA) tumors
o Multiple sclerosis
o Vertebral basilar insufficiency (decrease in brain blood supply)


Call 911 or go to the hospital if dizziness is accompanied by: 
o Head injury
o Fever over 101°F, headache, or stiff neck
o Convulsions or ongoing vomiting
o Chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath
o Weakness, inability to move an arm or leg
o Change in vision or speech
o Fainting and losing consciousness for more than a few minutes

Call your doctor if dizziness is accompanied by: 
o Starting a new medication
o Hearing loss

Diagnostic tests that may be performed include: 
o blood pressure measurements and tests
o hearing tests
o neurological tests
o balance testing (ENG) may be required.

Medications for dizziness may include: 
o Meclizine, Antivert, Bonine
o Diazepam (Valium)
o Scopolamine, Transderm-scop
o Promethazine (Phenergan)
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