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   Easy Bruising
A reddish-purple discoloration, leakage of red blood cells from capillaries, that does not blanch when pressed upon.
Medical terms related to easy bruising :
Bruising, Contusion, Ecchymosis, Bleeding into the skin, Patch
Common causes of easy bruising: 
o Aging Skin
o Medications (Aspirin, NSAIDs, prednisone)
o Platelet Disorders (Thrombocytopenias, e.g. ITP)
o Bone Marrow Disorders
o Liver Disease
Cirrhosis of the liver:
Fibrosis of the liver and the formation of regenerative nodules that is usually caused by chronic progressive damages to the liver, e.g. alcohol abuse or hepatitis.
A sex-linked hereditary blood disease that occurs almost exclusively in males and is marked by delayed clotting of the blood and consequent difficulty in controlling hemorrhage even after minor injuries.
Von Willebrand's Disease:
An inherited blood disorder that is caused by deficient or defective von Willebrand factor, and is characterized by mucosal and petechial bleeding.

Other Causes of easy bruising:
o Cushing's Syndrome:
Excess corticosteroids and especially cortisol usually from adrenal or pituitary hyperfunction marked by a variety of signs and symptoms including especially a change in appearance marked by moon facies with plethora, obesity, easy bruising, slow wound healing, and hypokalemia;called also adrenogenital syndrome.
Marfan Syndrome:
An inherited connective tissue disease caused by a defect in the gene controlling the production of fibrillin, and markrd by abnormal elongation of the long bones and often by ocular and circulatory defects.


Call your doctor if easy bruising is accompanied by: 
o High blood pressure
o Fever
o Bleeding gums
o Starting a new medication (e.g. Heparin, Warfarin, Corton, Antibiotics)
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