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   Flaky Scalp
Scaly white or grayish flakes of dead skin cells of the scalp usually accompanied by itching.
Medical terms related to flaky scalp :
Dandruff, Scaly scurf, Dry Flaky Scalp, White Flakes From Scalp
Common causes of flaky scalp: 
o Dandruff (Seborrhea)
Cradle cap:
A seborrheic condition in infants affecting the scalp and characterized by greasy gray or dark brown adherent scaly crusts.
o Scalp folliculitis
o Infrequent shampooing
o Changes in weather or humidity
o Hair care products
o Skin peeling following a scalp sunburn

Other Causes of flaky scalp:
o Tinea capitis (Fungal infection of the scalp characterized by scaly patches penetrated by a few dry brittle hairs )
A chronic skin disease marked by circumscribed red patches covered with white scales.


Medications for flaky scalp may include: 
o Fluocinolone Acetonide-shampoo, Fs Shampoo
o Chloroxine-shampoo, Capitrol
o Salicylic-sulfur-shampoo, Sebex, Sebulex
o Ketoconazole (Nizoral)
o Coal Tar Shampoo-topical, Denorex, Pentrax, Tegrin, Zetar
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