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   Ringing in Ears
Hearing noises in the ears when there is no outside source of the sounds.
Medical terms related to Ringing in Ears :
Tinnitus, Noises or buzzing in the ears, Ringing in the ears
Common causes of Ringing in Ears: 
o Ear wax
o Fluid in the ears
o Ear infection
o Eustachian Tube Problems
o Ear trauma (e.g. loud music)
o Caffeine, alcohol, or smoking
o High blood pressure
o Atherosclerosis
o Medications ( e.g. aspirin, especially in high doses or overdose)
A lessening of hearing acuteness because of the degenerative changes in the ear that occur especially in the elderly.

Other Causes of Ringing in Ears:
o Head and neck tumors
o Intracranial aneurysm
o Acoustic neuroma (a benign tumor on the acoustic nerve)
o Otosclerosis (Stiffening of the bones in your middle ear)
Meniere Disease:
A disorder of the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear causing recurrent attacks of dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss;called also Ménière's syndrome.

Call your doctor if Ringing in Ears is accompanied by: 
o Head injury.
o Dizziness, feeling off balance
o Nausea or vomiting

Diagnostic tests that may be performed include: 
o Audiology/Audiometry to test hearing loss
o Head CT scan
o Head MRI scan
o Blood vessel studies (angiography)
o X-rays of the head
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