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A loud, hoarse, or harsh breathing sounds that happen during asleep.
Medical terms related to snoring :
Common causes of snoring: 
o Aging
o Sleeping pills, antihistamines, or alcohol at bedtime
o Adenoids and Tonsils (by blocking the airway)
o Common Cold
o Obesity ( due to excessive neck tissue that puts pressure on the airway)
o Sinus Infection
o Sleeping position (sleeping flat on your back)
o Nasal polyps
o Nasal septal deviation
o Viral infection with nasal congestion
o Sleep Related Breathing Disorders
o Hay Fever (An acute allergic reaction to pollen, usually seasonal also called pollinosis)
Sleep apnea:
Brief periods of recurrent cessation of breathing during sleep that is caused especially by obstruction of the airway or a disturbance in the brain's respiratory center and is associated especially with excessive daytime sleepiness.

Other Causes of snoring:
o Anatomical variations (elongated soft palate or uvula)
o Cysts or tumors of the throat
o Medications
o Trauma or scarring of air passages
Pickwickian syndrome:
Obesity accompanied by somnolence and lethargy, hypoventilation, hypoxia, and secondary polycythemia.


Call your doctor if snoring is accompanied by: 
o Excessive daytime drowsiness, morning headaches
o Change in your level of attention, concentration, or memory
o Apea (episodes of no breathing)

Prevention and self-care: 
o Avoid sleeping flat on your back, sleep on your side if possible
o Control your Weight if you are overweight
o Avoid Alcohol
o Use Nasal Dilator strips (e.g., Breathe-rite strips)
o Use dental appliances to prevent tongue from falling back
o Surgery consultation (e.g., correction of a deviated septum)
o Use CPAP mask:
A device you wear on the nose while sleeping to decrease snoring and sleep apnea.
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