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   Watery Eye
The secretion of tears, abnormal or excessive secretion of tears due to local, systemic, or environmental diseases.
Medical terms related to watery eye :
Eye, Watery, Lacrimation, Teary Eye, Watery Eye
Common causes of watery eye: 
o Crying (with Depression, Grief, Pain, or Sadness)
o Infection (Viruses, Trachoma)
o Foreign bodies and abrasions
o Conjunctivitis or pink eye (a viral infection of the eye surface)
o Dry eyes
o Irritants in the air (cigarette smoke or smog)
o Chemical irritants (e.g. chlorine in a swimming pool or makeup)
o Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids and especially of their margins)
o Allergy

Other Causes of watery eye:
o Cluster headache
Bell's palsy:
A form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to one of the two facial nerves.
Tear Duct Blockage:
From Injruy or Infiltrative Diseases, such as Amyloidosis or Sarcoidosis
o Eyelid turning inward or outward


Call your doctor if watery eye is accompanied by: 
o Vision loss
o Excessive eye pain or sensitivity to light
o Eye discharge (thick, greenish, or pus)
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